Fire Department


Message From The Chief

On behalf of the members of the Berkeley Fire Department, I would like to welcome you to our Village Website. We are fast approaching the 100 year anniversary of the Village and Fire Department. Starting as a Volunteer organization in 1924, the Berkeley Fire Department has served the community with pride and dedication through the years. Over the course of time, the Fire Department transitioned from volunteer to Paid-On-Call, and in late 2012 the Department when to 24 hour part time manpower coverage and an ALS medical ambulance.

The Fire Department consists of 30 members, 2 Fire Engines, a Paramedic ambulance, and 3 Staff cars. The Fire House is staffed 24 hour with 4 members working 12 hour shifts. We provide Fire Inspection services to our Industrial, Commercial, and multi-family building. The Berkeley Fire Department prides itself on delivering the best emergency care around through our highly trained personnel, up to date equipment, and training. Our Paramedics are part of the Loyola EMS System. With regular Continuing Education provided by Loyola, and through in house training methods, we are proud to bring our residents the best in Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Care.

Our Fire Department responds to all manner of incidents. These include Fire, Emergency Medical, Roadway Crashes, Rescue of all types. With our partners in MABAS Division 20, we can provide  Technical Rescue, Water Rescue, and Hazardous Materials response. Our response area covers approximately 1.5 square miles and services the Village of Berkeley, the Union Pacific Railyard, and Interstates 290 & 294. We receive approximately 850-1000 calls every year with a population of over 5100 residents.

Having been a resident of Berkeley for the last 41 years, it is my pleasure to serve as your Fire Chief. Over my time as a resident, I have served as PTA President at Sunnyside/MacArthur school, Scoutmaster for BSA Troop 73, and as Trustee for the Village of Berkeley from May of 2013 until May of 2021. Berkeley has been a great place to raise my children and I hope that you will find it as great for your family.



 Vision Statement

 It is the vision of the Berkeley Fire Department to provide service to its residents in a fashion that is unparalleled in public service in a cost-effective manner that exceeds expectations, and to be the benchmark by which all service delivery agencies measure themselves and their progress. We shall accomplish this by continuously investing in our people, creating meaningful partnerships, evaluating our impact in the community and adapting to the needs of our stakeholders.


Mission Statement

 It is the mission of the Berkeley Fire Department to protect the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Berkeley, from disasters both natural and manmade, with compassion, motivation, teamwork, and commitment, with Professional and Quality Fire Protection, Emergency Medical Services, and Education.