ADA Compliance

Compliance with the Illinois Accessibility Code will be required for all new construction of commercial and multi-family residential buildings and parking lots before issuance of certificates of occupancy, inspection, and or business licenses. Compliance will also be required whenever such building is altered at a cost as prescribed by the Illinois Accessibility Code, or when a parking lot is expanded, repaved, seal coated, or otherwise modified. Existing commercial facilities must become ADA compliant upon notice of non-compliance within a time frame as provided by the Village’s Building Commissioner. Issues involving non-compliance of existing facilities due to hardship shall be considered and, as a result, the Building Commissioner may approve a plan for phasing-in compliance over a reasonable period of time during which a provisional certificate of occupancy, inspection or business license may be issued. To accommodate non-compliant businesses in Berkeley and to accomplish compliance in an affordable way, a three-tiered, phased approach to ADA compliance is envisioned. Non-compliant facilities are required to address the most fundamental obstacles to accessibility within the first year after notification of non-compliance. A second level of accessibility must be addressed by the second year, and three years after notification of non-compliance, full accessibility will be required.