Bids, RFP's, RFQ's & Surplus Equipment

Information on bids and Requests for Proposals is located below. Select the description to see the complete bid package. Most materials are in Adobe Acrobat format. Download the free Acrobat Reader from

Bids, RFP's, RFQ's & Surplus Equipment
 Notice:  Any information presented here is subject to revision at any time. It is the bidder’s responsibility to obtain current document(s) in a timely manner, to examine carefully all sections of the bid/RFP before submitting any documents, and to contact the issuing department for the current status of any bid/RFP posting. It is also the bidder’s responsibility to determine if any addenda have been issued, and include them in their bid/RFP response. If there is a discrepancy between this electronic policy and the written copy held by the Village, the written copy prevails.
 Posting of the Notice for Bids and Request for Proposals on this site is provided for convenience only and is not intended as an official source. The Village makes no guarantees that the all bids/RFP opportunities are listed on this site. The Village will endeavor to keep this site up-to-date, however prospective bidders and consultants should contact the issuing department.
It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure the most complete and current version of the bid or contract document has been downloaded or otherwise obtained, including any addenda. Incomplete bids will not be accepted. Only those changes made by the Village in the form of written addenda will be accepted. Any changes made to the bid terms without the consent of the Village may render the bid non-responsive and subject to rejection.

Obtaining Bid Documents

Bidding documents, including the Plans and Special Provisions but not including Standard Plans, Standard Specifications, or Reference Specifications, may be obtained as follows:

  • At Village Hall Bidding documents (Plans and Specs) may be obtained in person from the Administration & Finance Department at Berkeley Village Hall unless otherwise specified within the bidding notice.
  • Online When possible, bid documents are provided online for download.

Joint RFP - Audit Services

The Villages of Berkeley, Burr Ridge, Willowbrook and Western Springs and the Cities of Oakbrook
Terrace and Warrenville (“Client(s)”) are requesting proposals from qualified firms of independent,
certified public accountants (“Auditors”) to provide financial statement audit services for the fiscal year
ending April 30, 2025 or the next fiscal year ending after award of these services, with the option to
provide these services for four (4) subsequent fiscal years. These audits are to be performed in
accordance with the provisions contained in this Request for Proposal (RFP).

There is no expressed or implied obligation for the Clients to reimburse responding firms for any
expenses incurred in preparing proposals in response to this RFP. During the proposal evaluation
process, the Clients reserve the right to request additional information or clarification from proposers or
to allow corrections of errors or omissions. At the discretion of the Clients, firms submitting proposals
may be requested to make oral presentations as part of the evaluation process.

If any firm submitting a proposal intends on subcontracting out all or any portion of the engagement,
that fact, and the name of the proposed subcontracting firm(s), must be clearly disclosed in the
submitted proposal. Following award of a contract, no additional subcontracting will be allowed without
prior written consent of the Clients.

Any inquiries concerning this RFP should be addressed to Annmarie Mampe, Financial Consultant,
Village of Burr Ridge at click the link above to view additional information and the view the RFP. 


Request for State of Qualification (SOQ) Phase III Construction Engineering Services for the East-Side Sidewalk Improvement Project

The Village of Berkeley (hereafter Village) is seeking Phase III Construction Engineering Services for the East-Side Sidewalk Improvements project. This project will use federal funds; all work must be done in accordance with federal and IDOT BLRS guidelines. As part of the selection process, the interested consultants are required to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to perform the requested work.

The Consulting Engineer shall perform and carry out, in a professional and satisfactory manner, the construction engineering services necessary to complete the requirements included in the project. The services to be provided related to this Statement of Interest (SOI) are described in the Minimum Scope of Services section of this SOI. All work must adhere to Village and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) standards as required.

The Consulting Engineer shall have successfully completed a minimum of three projects of the same type and size to the East-Side Sidewalk Improvements. The proposed Project Manager shall have a minimum of five years of experience in Phase III Engineering on municipal and IDOT Bureau of Local Roads and Streets (BLRS) projects. A list of these projects along with a brief description of the services provided shall be included.


The Village is requesting the SOQ be submitted in pdf format VIA E-MAIL no later than 4:30 PM (CFS) on May 30, 2024. The SOQ should be emailed to the attention of Justyn Miller, Assistant Village Administrator at


Review of the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) shall be governed by the terms of the Qualifications Based Selection (QBS). Please click the link above to view additional information and the view the RFQ.