Centennial 2024

Berkeley's 100th Birthday

The community will gather to celebrate Berkeley's centennial in 2024 which will include special events leading up to and during the centennial celebration! Berkeley was officially incorporated on May 20, 1924. 


Centennial Planning Committee

Kathleen Chmura has been appointed as the Berkeley Centennial Chair and Roger Thomas is co-chair. They will be leading this committee in planning the various events for the Village's upcoming centennial. Please find a presentation below (as a PDF) explaining some of the initial plans for the upcoming centennial. These include an anniversary parade, opening of the 1974 time capsule, gathering of items and burying of a new time capsule, and a centennial mural. A number of committees will form to take on the task of planning these various events. These committees are as follows (proposed): mural, time capsule, fund raising, events, business outreach, contests, the rose town, marketing, former resident outreach, archiving, new resident outreach, and futures. 

If you are interested in volunteering  or have any questions, please fill out the Centennial Interest Form below and email it to Berkeleycentennial2024@gmail.com.


If you are interested in buying promotional items related to the Centennial, please visit the Centennial store here: https://www.berkeleyilcentennial.com/shop/ 


If you would like general information, please visit the official website for the Centennial: www.berkeleyilcentennial.com