Village services are delivered through several operating departments all working together to help make Berkeley a great place to live, work, and play.

  • Administration generally oversees Village operations, and also has direct responsibility for coordinating all financial, personnel-related activities, including employment and benefits administration, utility billing, vehicle stickers, the website, and provides general accounting and financial management services. Additionally, this department oversees the Village’s land use planning processes and coordinates economic development, marketing, and special events. The department also oversees insurance and other risk management matters.
  • Building & Code Enforcement is a function of the Administration department and is responsible for maintaining, administering and enforcing the codes, ordinances, maps and policies of the Village, related to engineering, zoning, construction, property maintenance and health. This department also handles the transfer of or sell of properties and businesses within the Village.
  • The Fire Department protects the lives and property of residents by providing exceptional firefighting and emergency medical services with a highly trained and professional staff. Members of this department are well equipped and trained to handle many types of emergency situations ranging from the investigation of strange odors to large-scale disasters.
  • The Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality police service to those who live and work in the Village of Berkeley. Service is provided with a commitment to cultivating the public trust by respecting individual rights and striving to be fair, just and responsive to the needs and feelings of the community.
  • Public Works provides for the management and maintenance of the Village’s infrastructure including but not restricted to: street, sidewalk and right of way repair, sanitary and storm water control and cleaning, tree and parkway maintenance, and water management and delivery.