The Village of Berkeley is a home rule municipality functioning under the Council (Board of  Trustees) - Manager (Administrator) form of government. Home rule communities have significantly more licensing and taxing powers than non-home rule communities. Home rule communities are also sometimes exempted from certain newly enacted State mandates.         

In the Village, the Village President, Board of Trustees (6 members), and a Village Clerk are elected-at-large in staggered four-year terms. The Village President, with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees, are responsible for appointing department heads to manage the Administration, Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments. 

Village of Berkeley Organizational Chart

The Village President and Trustees also serve on the following Committees:
  • Administration & Technology
  • Building, Zoning & Property Maintenance
  • Community & Intergovernmental Relations
  • Finance Committee
  • Public Works & Water
  • Public Safety and Health
These committees discuss specialized issues and make recommendations to the entire Village Board. The entire Board meeting as a committee is referred to as Committee of the Whole. The Committee of the Whole discusses the details of upcoming projects and initiatives.

There are also several appointed Commissions that make recommendations to the Board. These Commissions are comprised of volunteer citizens. Commissions include the Planning and Zoning Commission, Economic Development Commission, etc. A list of Commissions and their duties can be found here.