Community Organizations

The residents of the Village of Berkeley enjoy communing together for common causes or to simply have a great time. Organizations bring a sense of togetherness to the Village and provide an opportunity for residents to get better acquainted with other members of the community.


  • Albanian American Islamic Center
    5825 St Charles Road, 708-544-2609
  • Church of Christ
    5141 St. Charles Road, 708-544-7909
  • Hope Lutheran Church
     5159 Madison St., Hillside, ILL.

 Social & Civic

  • Queen of All Nations Parish & the Greater Chicago Food Depository
    will be distributing free fresh produce the 1st Saturday of each month through September of 2021, click on the following link for details.
    Free Fresh Produce Distribution
  • Berkeley/Hillside Boy Scout Troop 
  • Berkeley Garden Club

     Visit the Garden Club on Facebook

  • Berkeley Neighborhood Watch

    Officer Len Norek
    Visit the Neighborhood Watch on Facebook