Pot Hole Repair

The Public Works Street is responsible for the repair of street potholes and sinkholes, as well as, general street repair to curbs and storms basins.  Generally caused by moisture, freeze-thaw action, traffic, poor base support, or some combination of these factors, potholes are a common cause for street repair needs. Public Works makes every effort to patch potholes as soon as the issue is made known. Timely pothole patching is influenced by many factors such as the level of traffic and the availability of personnel, equipment, and materials needed for repair. Where the depth of a pothole will allow, a cold patch solution is applied and compacted to mimic road surface. This solution is meant to be short-term until a long-term solution becomes available. Typically, potholes less than an inch in depth or exceeding three feet in width will not allow a cold patch to adhere, creating a new problem where patch debris from the pothole can make the hole even larger.  During the winter months, the cold patch is applied using a torch to promote a more long-lasting solution as weather conditions are often at their worst during this season. Potholes can be reported to the Public Works Department.