Police Department

About the Department

The Village of Berkeley Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality police service to those who live and work in the Village of Berkeley. The Department works in collaboration with the community and strives to maintain the utmost level of public safety with the goal of maintaining the quality of life expected within the Village. The Department provides services with a commitment to cultivating the public trust by respecting individual rights and striving to be fair, just and responsive to the needs and feelings of the community.

The Police Department is made up of 23 sworn officers. The Department receives approximately 15,000 calls for service annually, which range from emergency calls to general service calls. The Department has a wide array of resources that can be activated in emergency situations. Those resources include NIPAS (Northern Illinois Police Alarm System) used for large crowds, riots, civil disturbances; Cook County Sheriff's Police Hostage Barricade Team used for SWAT operations; Cook County Sheriff's Police Gang Unit; and NET 17 REACT Teams Emergency response teams from Net 17 that is used for spontaneous emergencies.

The Berkeley Police Department belongs to the following organizations:
  • Cook County Dispatch
  • WESTAF - West Suburban Major Crimes Task Force (investigation of major violent crimes or serial crimes)
  • West Suburban Detectives Association (investigative contacts and information)
  • WSJOA - West Suburban Juvenile Officers Association (juvenile-related issues)
  • WSCOPA - West Suburban Chiefs of Police Association
  • ILEAS - Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (resources for training, organizational development, emergency resources, mutual aid, grants)
  • NEMRT - North East Multi-Regional Training (mobile training unit we belong to for training)
  • Illinois State Police
  • Cook County Sheriff's Police
  • Criminal Justice Advisory Committee at Triton College (member of the advisory panel to the Criminal Justice Program)

The members of the Berkeley Police Department's mission is to provide a professional and community-oriented police service. The Department is committed to creating and maintaining an active community partnership and assisting citizens in identifying and solving problems to improve the quality of lives in the Village's neighborhoods. In order to promote, preserve and deliver a sense of security, safety and quality services to all members and visitors of the community, the Department takes great efforts to maintain a highly trained and professional staff. The Department is equipped and trained to handle many types of emergency situations ranging from the investigation of criminal activities to handling large-scale disasters.

Values and Goals

The Berkeley Police Department values and goals:
  • The public trust and the opportunity to serve
  • Enforcement of all federal, state, and local ordinances
  • Apprehend and prosecute offenders
  • Increase public awareness to enhance the quality of life in the Village
  • A work environment that promotes health, wellness, and harmony
  • Respect for each person
  • Leadership that is committed to the Department's mission
  • A diverse workforce reflective of the community
  • A highly motivated and trained force