Animal Control

The Village of Berkeley offers a Wildlife Trapping Program for residents to trap and dispose of nuisance animals. If a resident would like a trap, they must come to the Village Hall for assistance. A deposit of $70 and a signed “Hold Harmless Indemnification and Reimbursement Agreement” are required. If it is necessary for additional traps to be delivered to a residence, an additional deposit of $32.50 will be required for each trap. The deposit is used toward labor, traps, bait, and other expenses incurred by the Village in implementing this program. It may also be used to contract trapping work to ABC Humane Wildlife Rescue.

ABC Wildlife will not trap dogs or large animals. This program is targeted toward animal control in the form of skunks, opossums, raccoons, or other small mammals. ABC Humane Wildlife Rescue may periodically conduct home visits to: remove a trap, re-bait or reset a trap, or set an indicator. ABC Humane Wildlife Rescue will give instructions at the time of delivery of the traps to ensure that costs to the Village and residents are kept to a minimum. 


Fee Schedule


Inspection and rental of one trap, first trapping

$140.00 ($70.00 for resident)

Setting of each additional trap

$65.00 ($32.50)

Service charge for each return trip

$65.00 ($32.50)


Residents may apply for this service by filling out this application and bringing it to Village Hall or visiting Village Hall at 5819 Electric Avenue or call 708-449-8840.