Village of Berkeley Electrical Aggregation Program

Village of Berkeley Electrical Aggregation Program

No one from MC Squared, ComEd, or the Village will ever visit your home or call you to enroll. If a solicitor claims to be the Village supplier, MC Squared, or ComEd, take their information and report the incident to the ICC at www.icc.illinois.gov/complaints. Never reveal your ComEd account number or allow a solicitor to view your ComEd bill unless you are certain you wish to enroll with that supplier and have read all terms and conditions.


History: Voters in the Village of Berkeley passed a Referendum by majority vote in 2014, enabling the Village to procure electric supply in bulk for residents and small business owners via an Opt Out Electric Aggregation Program. Any ratepayer may participate.


The Village is renewing its ComEd Price Match Aggregation Program with Chicago-based MC Squared Energy Services for 24 months to September 2026 at zero added cost to residents and the Village. The Village will receive a civic contribution for local initiatives. All participants will pay exactly the ComEd rate guaranteed. (The ComEd base electric supply rate recently declined to 6.72¢ per kWh. To discover the current ComEd rate, including its monthly variable portion, visit www.ilagg.com/comedrate.)


Background: The cost of serving each electric account varies greatly, based on usage patterns. Some ratepayer accounts remain at ComEd because the cost to generate exceeds the ComEd rate. Others will move to the Village’s supplier, MC Squared. Net effect: all residents and small business owners in Berkeley’s aggregation program pay exactly the same ComEd rate, including ComEd’s variable PEA component; all are part of the Berkeley Aggregation Community. ComEd supports electric aggregation.


Notices will be mailed to many residents and small businesses on July 18, 2024:

  1. If your notice says, “Electric Aggregation Program Notice,” you need do nothing; your account will be switched to MC Squared In September. You will receive a Confirmation of Change notice from ComEd in August. You may opt out byemailing Berkeley@mc2energyservices.com, calling 877-831-0304, or returning the pre-paid opt out form you received with the notice.


  1. If your notice says, “Informational Notice Only: No Action Required,” you are already currently enrolled with MC Squared. You need do nothing, and you will continue to receive supply service from MC Squared.


  1. If you received no notice, your supply service will remain as-is, for example, if you are enrolled in a supplier of your own choosing in a private contract, or are enrolled in ComEd’s hourly rate program, that status will remain in place unless you make any changes. If you have any questions about this, contact hello@ilagg.com.


You may also contact MC Squared at Berkeley@mc2energyservices.com or 877-831-0304, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Program Benefits:

  • Guaranteed at the ComEd rate, with no rate risk of paying more than ComEd
  • No hidden fees, no additional monthly fee
  • Maximum flexibility to join or leave the program, and never an enrollment or switch fee
  • No early termination fee, ever
  • The Village receives the benefit of a civic contribution to use toward local initiatives


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll?

During the initial three-week opt out period (July 18 to August 8, 2024) you need do nothing if you received a notice; you will automatically be enrolled unless you choose to opt out.


I am located within Berkeley, have switched to another Supplier, but would like to join. How can I do this?

Simply call MC Squared at 877-831-0304. Effective January 2020, no supplier may charge a termination fee to switch.


What is the current ComEd rate?

The annualized base ComEd rate through May 2025 is 6.72¢ per kWh, and a monthly variable Purchased Electricity Adjustment (PEA) which can be a credit or a debit is added to that rate--because the cost to generate electricity on demand is variable; the PEA is a sort of true-up mechanism). For more information, visit www.ilagg.com/comedrate.  


Will I get two bills?

No. ComEd continues to do all billing for electric supply, delivery and taxes. ComEd delivers electricity, and will continue to bill you, but they no longer supply it.


If I am automatically enrolled, can I leave the program?

Yes. You will never be charged a termination fee.


I am enrolled in a low-income assistance program. Will I still receive those benefits?

If you currently receive assistance via PIPP or LIHEAP, your status will not be affected.


Does the program impact my ComEd budget billing or auto-payment plan?

No. The way you pay your ComEd bill does not change. E.g., if you are enrolled in budget billing, you will remain in budget billing.


What happens if I move?

If you remain within the Village limits, call MC Squared to re-enroll at your new address. Residents moving into the community may participate by calling 877-831-0304.


For specific questions about your own electric account, do not call Village Hall; call the Village of Berkeley’s aggregation program supplier MC Squared Energy at 877-831-0304.If you require additional assistance, call the Village’s energy consultant, Sharon Durling, at 312-751-2202, or email hello@ilagg.com.


The Illinois Commerce Commission provides additional information about energy deregulation in Illinois and energy supply choices at www.pluginillinois.org. To report an electrical outage, or for questions pertaining to your ComEd bill, always call ComEd at 800-334-7661.