Code Enforcement Violations to Avoid

Please help keep Berkeley a beautiful and safe community. Should you have any questions regarding these or any other Village code violations, please contact the Code Enforcement/Property Maintenance Department. For a list of helpful tips on common code enforcement violations to avoid, see below:


 Parking on Pedestrian Sidewalks

Please be courteous and keep your vehicle off of the sidewalk to avoid tickets. Owners of vehicles that are inoperable, unlicensed, have flat tires, will receive a citation.

 Abandoned Vehicles

An abandoned vehicle, defined as any vehicle that does not have a valid, un-expired license plate affixed to or displayed on the vehicle or a vehicle that is inoperable, is not permitted in the open upon public or private property.

 Building Numbers

All buildings, including homes, shall have numbers located on the building or in the front yard clearly visible from the adjacent road. The numbers should be at least four inches in height for residential and at least six inches in height for all other buildings and in a contrasting color to the background.    

 Commercial Vehicle(s)

Class 3, Vehicles over 8,000 lbs. (including Tow trucks, Livery, Taxi cabs, etc.) shall not be parked in Residential Zoned District.


All fences and walls shall be maintained in good repair and in an upright condition and free from graffiti.           

 Garage Sales/Signs

Garage sales on residential properties must adhere to the garage sale regulations detailed here.           


A reminder to residents regarding garbage pick-up, you cannot set carts or items to be picked up out on the curb until 6:00 p.m. the night before collection day. All carts are to be on the parkway or driveway and NOT in the street or public sidewalks. Following the pick-up on Thursday, the cans must be removed from the curb that same day and stored in your rear yard and not within public view.       

 Overgrown Property

The growth of grass, weeds, or brush may not exceed a height of six inches at any time.  During the summer months property maintenance becomes an important part of our chores, so please be aware that the Village requires that lawns be well kept per Village Ordinance. 

 Parking Surfaces

Vehicular off-street parking and loading on or across a grassy area, lawns, open space or landscaped areas shall be expressly prohibited. All vehicular off-street parking, loading, access driveways and access aisles shall be comprised of and constructed of dustless, (no dirt & gravel) all-weather material of either asphalt, concrete, brick, paving block or similar impervious surfaces


Pet owners are responsible for the removal of anything left behind by a pet on any property. In addition, the Village also requires that all pets be on a leash when on the owner’s property. Village code defines the regulations when keeping pets in town.

 Recreational Vehicles

Motor homes/trailers/campers may be parked within a garage, carport or accessory building or in the side or rear yard and reasonably obscured from adjacent properties with solid fencing, dense shrubbery, a wall or any combination thereof.

 Swimming Pools

All pools shall have a safety barrier in the form of a screen enclosure, fence or wall and must enclose the pool entirely. Gates shall be self-closing and have a spring lock so that the gate shall be closed at all times.

 Temporary Signs (Prohibited)

No person shall post, paste, nail or fasten any sign, notice or advertisement of any kind on any curbstone, sidewalk, upon any trees, lamp post, telephone/utility poles, bridges or any structure within the limits of the Village.