Senior Ride Program

In partnership with American Taxi Dispatch, the Village of Berkeley offers Senior Coupons. To participate, you must be a Berkeley resident and at least 62 years old. Each coupon book has a $10.00 value. The senior pays the Village of Berkeley $5.00 for each coupon book. Seniors may use any combination of cash and coupons to pay the full fare to the driver. The driver will turn in the coupons redeemed to American Taxi to be reimbursed. American Taxi will then bill the Village of Berkeley. Coupons can be used for any trip including airport trips. To register for the program and to have your picture taken for your photo ID visit Berkeley Village Hall. For more information call 708-449-8840.

 Coast2Coast RX Program

The Coast2Coast RX Card is a free discount prescription card provided to residents of Proviso Township. Participating pharmacies provide annual savings up to 55%. Savings on a single prescription ranges from a few percent up to 75% (or more) off the retail price of the drug. Cardholders save on both brand name and generic drugs. The card even saves on drugs that are not covered in health plans. All members of a family can use the card. This card also covers many pet prescriptions. It is always FREE and the card can be used immediately. There is no age, income or other exclusions. There are no forms to fill out. Simply take the card to one of the 60,000+ participating pharmacies nationwide to start saving. You can go to Berkeley Village Hall or Proviso Township Offices to pick up a card.

 Community Organizations

A complete list of community organizations within Berkeley can be found here.

 Proviso Township Handyman Service

Proviso Township provides a FREE Handyman Program is available to senior homeowners and disabled residents of Proviso Township.
The Handyman will be available to provide advice and referral on a variety of home maintenance issues.  In addition, he will be able to do minor repairs for a fuel surcharge of $5.00 per visit plus the cost of parts, if needed.  
Things like a leaky faucet or a toilet that keeps running, replacing the refrigerator bulb or the light at the top of the stairs that you just can’t reach are some examples of the ways in which they can help.  They can even hang that new picture of the grandchildren or fix that squeaking door hinge.
The Handyman is here to help you do all of those things you used to do for yourself but just can’t manage anymore, all those simple things that can make life just a little brighter.  So next time you find yourself frustrated by some annoying problem around the house, don’t get angry, call the Handyman!
For more information, you can reach the Handyman office at 708-547-4001 or through Proviso Township contact page.
NOTE: Some discretion is required so as not to create a bigger problem in the process of attempting a repair or maintenance.   Homeowner MUST sign authorization form before any work can be performed.

CALL 708-449-4307 to register
Already registered?
CALL 708-547-4001 to schedule an appointment. is the #1 trusted source for helping aging adults and caregivers to find the products, services, and resources to make senior living a little easier. Their expert guidance promotes a more enriched lifestyle all around — a lifestyle of comfort, security, and happiness.
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