Outdoor Fire Safety Tips

The use of fire is unavoidable when preparing the perfect meal on the grill; therefore, there is inherent risk present whenever we have our grills lit and ready for action. Home fires occur due to grilling each year in an average of 900 residences. These tips will help avoid this from occurring at your home.
  • Be sure to inspect all fittings on your propane grill. This should include the tank that may be from last grilling season to all connections back to the grill itself. Be sure to remove all debris to avoid flare-ups and fires that may take place while you are not nearby.
  • Charcoal Grills should be lit using approved methods and starter fluids only. The use of fossil fuels such as gasoline are not approved accelerates.
  • Use the grill in an open, outdoor area only; do not relocate the grill to the garage because it is raining today, it is not worth the risk of a potential garage fire and with attached garages, now you are risking your house as well.  
Outdoor Fire Pits:
The use of fire pits bring their own concerns when not treated with respect. Never have a fire pit close to the house or garage and never sit so close to the fire pit that if one slips forward they do not fall into fire.
  • Never allow children to be around a fire pit without responsible adults present.
  • Do not throw lawn waste or paper into the fire pit, embers may float away and ignite fires elsewhere.
  • Never throw buckets of water on fires unless there is an emergency. Instead, spread out glowing embers and allow cooling. This will prevent thick clouds of smoke that may be a repository issue for those nearby or yourself.