Neighborhood Watch

What is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch started in 1970 due to an outraged citizen who was fed up with criminal activity in the community. The citizen formed a neighborhood meeting and trained other residents to call the police to report suspicious activity. These meetings turned into a program where citizens cooperate with local law enforcement and directly participate in the detection and prevention of crime. Citizens involved in Neighborhood Watch are trained to recognize suspicious or criminal activities and report these activities to the Police Department.
Why Neighborhood Watch Works?

Citizens are the eyes and ears of the police department. It is impossible for the Police Department to be in all places at all times. Therefore, what residents see, observe, and report is of great importance to the safety of the community. It helps residents network and get to know each other. Neighborhood Watch also helps Police respond to calls and effectively locate offenders and stop criminal behavior.
How Neighborhood Watch Operates?

Citizens carefully observe suspicious or criminal activity and immediately notify the Police. Citizens use crime prevention measures to make it more difficult for crime to occur. There is no cost to join the Neighborhood Watch Program. All citizens in the community may participate; adults, children, teenagers, and seniors. Neighborhood Watch operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, just like the Police Department.
How to Join Neighborhood Watch?

Residents are encouraged to attend meetings in the Berkeley Village Hall. Residents are also encouraged to attend events and become proactive in the community and promote the Neighborhood Watch Program.

For meeting dates, please check the website's community calendar or contact Officer Len Norek at 708-449-8224 or contact us via email at also like us on our Facebook page is


Neighborhood Watch Goals
  • Recognize suspicious or criminal activity and immediately notify the police.
  • Distribute anti-crime information to residents and businesses within the community.
  • Conduct home security checks to help detect and prevent burglaries. Assist other residents if needed.
  • Post Neighborhood Watch Decals in windows and other conspicuous locations.
  • Mark valuables with identifying marks so they can be recovered if stolen.