Request for State of Qualification (SOQ) Phase III Construction Engineering Services for the East-Side Sidewalk Improvement Project

The Village of Berkeley (hereafter Village) is seeking Phase III Construction Engineering Services for the East-Side Sidewalk Improvements project. This project will use federal funds; all work must be done in accordance with federal and IDOT BLRS guidelines. As part of the selection process, the interested consultants are required to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) to perform the requested work.

The Consulting Engineer shall perform and carry out, in a professional and satisfactory manner, the construction engineering services necessary to complete the requirements included in the project. The services to be provided related to this Statement of Interest (SOI) are described in the Minimum Scope of Services section of this SOI. All work must adhere to Village and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) standards as required.

The Consulting Engineer shall have successfully completed a minimum of three projects of the same type and size to the East-Side Sidewalk Improvements. The proposed Project Manager shall have a minimum of five years of experience in Phase III Engineering on municipal and IDOT Bureau of Local Roads and Streets (BLRS) projects. A list of these projects along with a brief description of the services provided shall be included.



Question 1: What date will construction commence?

 Answer 1: Construction is anticipated to begin in March 2025.