Public Works Department

About the Department

The Village of Berkeley's Public Works Department provides for the management and maintenance of the Village’s infrastructure including but not limited to: street, sidewalk and right of way repair, sanitary and storm water control and cleaning, tree and parkway maintenance, and water management and delivery. Additionally, the Public Works Department provides essential services to plan, design, construct, maintain, repair, manage and operate Berkeley’s buildings, facilities, public infrastructure, and natural resources in a manner that provides the best value and highest quality service available to satisfy the needs of residents.    

Public Works Responsibilities


The Public Works Department's mission is to provide efficient, effective, high quality services to residents through the coordinated resources and expertise of the Public Works staff. The Department also hopes to improve the quality of life by effectively developing, maintaining and improving Village infrastructure, natural resources, and community services.

The Public Works Department strives to provide quality, professional, and effective services to residents in a timely manner. This is done by focusing on customer service and satisfaction while operating within the approved guidelines of conduct set forth by the Village Administration, thereby demonstrating a commitment to Berkeley’s brighter future.

Values and Goals

The Berkeley Public Works Department values and goals:

  • The public trust and the opportunity to deliver professional quality public service
  • Respect for each other
  • Increase public awareness to enhance the quality of life in the Village
  • Leadership that is committed to the Department’s mission
  • A diverse workforce reflective of the community
  • Provide quality infrastructure that conveys safe, efficient delivery of essential goods and services
  • Provide clean and beautiful public spaces that maximize the natural environment to enhance the overall quality of life