The Corner Food Park

The Corner Food Park


The Corner Food Park is owned by the Village of Berkeley and operated by licensed food trucks at the corner of Hillside Avenue and St. Charles Rd. Licensing is available via four-month agreements. Located at 5544 St. Charles Rd. with nine spaces available, the site features RV electrical pedestals for each vendor while providing picnic tables for those who decide to “dine-in”. Site maintenance is the responsibility of the Village.

The Corner aims to offer a variety of foods with little to no duplication so that everyone gets an opportunity to thrive. As an incubator project, The Corner offers food truck operators a high-profile location along St. Charles Rd. to test the market or corner it.

Licensees will also be given the opportunity to serve their food selections at Village-sponsored events at no additional charge.


  1. Q: I want to sell at The Corner, how much does it cost?

A: Potential vendors must purchase a licensing application for four months at $500 per month (see below for a downloadable application.) 

  1. Q: What do I get for my four-month agreement?

A: Every four-month agreement includes electricity, site maintenance, garbage, Village website and social media exposure, and an opportunity to serve at Village-sponsored events at no additional cost.

  1. Q: Where do people park?

A: Limited on-street parking exists along Hillside Avenue and St. Charles Rd. The adjacent parking lot to the east of the venue is also available for patrons to park and access via the walkway.      

 Q: Do I have to have a truck/trailer to become a licensed vendor at The Corner?

A: Yes, qualifying vendors must operate a truck or trailer at the corner.

 Q: Do vendors take credit cards?

A: Each truck has its own policies regarding payment methods. Check the MENUS tab below to find what payment options are available depending on the vendor.

 Q: Can I place an order for pick-up?

A: Each truck has its own policies regarding ordering. Check the MENUS section below to find what options are available depending on the vendor.


Own a Food Truck or Trailer?

Interested in a setting up shop at The Corner?

The Corner Food Park Application Procedure:

Step 1: Contact the Village of Berkeley at 708.449.8840 or email vobfinance@berkeley.il.us. The following information will be requested to be provided for review:

  • Contact information for follow-up inquiries
  • Send image of your Food Truck or Trailer
  • Send PDF of your Food Truck or Trailer menu

Step 2: Once the above information is reviewed, the following documents will need to completed and all documentation will need to be sent to Rudy Espiritu: (respiritu@berkeley.il.us):

  • A Village of Berkeley Lease agreement will be sent and will need to be completed and submitted along with a certificate of insurance to the Village of Berkeley.
  • A copy of a current County Health Certificate will need to be submitted if available, if not available the Village of Berkeley will schedule an inspection prior to being approved.
  • Three (3) business references.

Step 3: The Village of Berkeley’s Village Administrator will review and if all documents are in order will approve the lease agreement.

Step 4: A lease payment of $500 / month for a minimum lease period of 4 months for a total of $2000. The monthly fee of $500 will be billed the first of the month and payable in 30 days. The first month’s lease fee will be due prior to beginning operation.

For further information and a copy of the Berkeley Food Truck License Agreement go www.berkeley.il.us/thecorner.



The Corner

5544 St. Charles Rd.

Berkeley, IL 60163

Monday through Sunday 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM



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